Help support breast cancer patients through their journeys!

Pink Pom Pom Featured On Charcuterie And Things Women Warriors Wednesday Highlight

Thank you so much @charcuterie_n_things for featuring Pink Pom Pom on this week's Women Warriors Wednesday!

They wrote: "This week's Women Warriors Wednesday highlight is 16 year old, Gianna Palleschi founder of the Pink Pom Pom Foundation. Before I go any further, what she is doing at such a young age is incredible. Please go follow her foundation @pinkpompombreastcancer - What she is doing is good for the soul!

Gianna launched the Pink Pom Pom Foundation in October 2021. The foundation is designed to nurture and encourage breast cancer patients through some of the most difficult moments of their lives. "My mom is a breast surgeon, and I see how dedicated she is to providing the best care for her patients. She talks to me about the many challenges her patients face as they go through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and medication. Her dedication inspired me to want to help these patients. Gianna raises money to create Pink Pom Pom boxes full of uplifting items, that are then gifted to patients undergoing breast cancer treatment. The boxes may include items such as candles, fuzzy socks, notepads, makeup bags, tumblers, and inspirational note cards. Each box includes a signature pink pom pom keychain, and a personalized card. These Pink Pom Pom boxes are designed to lift the spirits of these breast cancer warriors. 

"Pink Pom Pom is a reference to cheering people on, and our slogan is 'love, hope, care, because I want patients to know that they are loved, there is hope, and there are many people who care about them.

Since beginning in October, Gianna has distributed 78 boxes including shipping cross country and to Canada! The foundation currently has over 100 pending box requests. The sustainability of Pink Pom Pom relies on the kindness and generosity of donors. For more info, check out"

- Charcuterie And Things