Help support breast cancer patients through their journeys!




My name is Gianna, and I am the founder of Pink Pom Pom. I am 18 years old, and I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.                              

My mother is a breast surgeon. Every day, I see how dedicated she is to provide the very best care to her breast cancer patients. She talks to me about the many physical and emotional challenges her patients face as they undergo the various treatments for breast cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and medication. Her dedication and compassion have inspired me to want to do my part to help these patients in some way, as they go through their very difficult breast cancer journey.

My organization is called Pink Pom Pom. Through funds raised by donations, I will be making and distributing Pink Pom Pom boxes to patients who are undergoing breast cancer treatment. The Pink Pom Pom boxes may include uplifting items such as candles, socks, notepads, pens, bath salts, shower salts, hand lotions, eye masks, face masks, tumblers, and inspirational note cards. Each Pink Pom Pom Box will include a signature pink pom pom keychain, and a personalized card. These Pink Pom Pom boxes will lift the spirits to these breast cancer warriors. 

I chose the name Pink Pom Pom because I want these patients to know that I, along with their families, their friends, and their medical team, are there to support them and cheer them on as they go through their journey. The three words that I have chosen to represent my organization are: love, hope and care. I want these breast cancer patients to know that they are loved, there is hope, and that there are so many people who care about them.

If you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and you would like to send them a Pink Pom Pom box, please go to the “Request a Pink Pom Pom Box” tab.

Please consider making a donation. All of the money raised will be going towards a good cause, bringing some hope and support to patients with breast cancer. Even the smallest donation will make a big difference.

A portion of the funds raised will be donated to various breast cancer organizations, so that we can continue to support research for the fight against breast cancer.

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @pinkpompombreastcancer for additional information and updates, and to help spread the word about this uplifting organization.

You may contact Pink Pom Pom via email at

Thank you for taking the time to read about this organization and I hope that we can work together to show breast cancer patients that they are loved and supported.